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April 28

Dragonfly wedding

dragonfly wedding accessoriesAccording to tradition, the dragonfly symbolizes new beginnings and change, as well as good luck and prosperity. Why  not celebrate your new life as man and wife by using the dragonfly as your wedding theme? This is a unique theme, which you and your guests will remember. Send out invitations with dragonfly symbols. Decorate your wedding and reception lights with dragonfly lights and figures. How about instead of flower boutonnieres, have groomsmen wear dragonfly pins and have bridesmaids wear dragonfly hairpins? You can even have your flower girl wear cute dragonfly wings!

Tags: dragonfly wedding, wedding theme

April 12

Summer Wedding

Wedding ring pillowThere’s nothing like a summer wedding, with the warm evening breezes cooling off the hot and sticky day. Summer weddings have increasingly grown popular, especially with the destination weddings being in fashion. Many people choose to have their wedding on some exotic island, filled with white sand beaches and a flurry of colorful flowers. Many brides and grooms prefer not only the beauty of beaches, but the more laid-back atmosphere this brings. Of course, not everyone can just jet off to Tahiti, so why not bring it back home? If you seek the relaxed atmosphere, why not have a backyard barbeque? A nice outdoor setting (a park, garden or a vineyard) is a great backdrop against a fun, casual reception filled with family and your closest friends. 

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April 05

Wedding Themes

Nautical Ring PillowAlways want to have you wedding uniquely yours, be creative when you decide on your wedding theme. If your wedding is in spring and planning for a spring wedding theme, consider using the pretty spring flowers, like Lily of the Valley, Lilac, Tulips, The Hyacinth etc. in your wedding bouquet and the decorations. If you are sporty couple, incorporate your favorite sports in your wedding theme. Say you love sailing and thinking of a nautical theme, consider having some gorgeous anchor or sail boat brooches added to your wedding gown, bouquets, ring pillows and other wedding your accessories to complement the theme.

A word of advice: be unique. Do it in any way you like. It is your big day. It is the day you cherish forever.

Tags: nautical ring pillow, nautical wedding theme, wedding bridal ring pillow, wedding planning, wedding theme

March 24

Rehearsal Party

The rehearsal party for any wedding is usually the last party a bride and groom would attend before they are married. Practicing for the big day may bring on nerves (for everyone involved) and so the rehearsal party is a good way to unwind. Usually, the groom’s side will take lead on organizing this party, whether it is his parents or the best man and groomsmen. Rehearsals are usually held the day before the wedding, so it is best if the party held right after the rehearsal itself, as the entire wedding party is sure to be there. A simple meal is best, maybe a light lunch or early dinner. Have a few drinks, but remember, everyone has to be fresh for the big day!

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March 22

Bridal Bouquets

pearl crystal broochesBridal bouquets are an essential part of a bridal outfit, and it was meant to symbolize her feelings towards the marriage, depending on the type of flower she brought.  Before this though, it was thought that this tradition came from medieval times, when brides brought garlic and herbs to the ceremony to keep evil spirits away. Today, modern brides are probably glad they don’t have to carry garlic with them and can personalize their bouquet to their wishes. Why not tailor your bouquet to the season? A summer wedding would call for exotic tropical flowers and orchids, while fall wedding bouquet would look beautiful accented with some orange and yellow leaves.

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March 20

Wedding Toasts

wedding toasting glassesThe wedding toast is a long-standing tradition at any ceremony. Usually, it begins with a close friend (often the best man) toasting the bride and groom on their special day. It is followed up by a response from the groom (with some words to his new wife, of course) and finally, the father of the bride stands up and gives his toast, ending with an invitation for the reception to begin. The toast, of course, is a way for those closest to the bride and groom to impart their best wishes. Originally, the toast was just one pewter or silver cup shared between the bride and groom (who could not spill a drop of wine, lest they have bad luck) but today, toasting cups come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be customized to suit your wedding theme.

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March 18

Unity Candles

Unity Candles DolphinUnity candles have become a beautiful and symbolic tradition over the past few years. During the wedding, the bride and groom will each have a long, tapered candle (sometimes lit by their parents), with which they will (together) light another candle. This symbolizes the joining of the couple, and their families as one big family. The husband and wife keep the unity candle and re-light them on anniversaries, if they wish. There are a wide range of choices when it comes to unity candles, many of which will match the theme and colors of your wedding.

Tags: bridal unity candle, bridal unity candles, dolphin unity candle, dolphin unity candles, unity candle, unity candles, wedding unity candle, wedding unity candles

March 16

Cake Servers

cake server set dragonlfyCutting the cake at a wedding symbolizes the first task that newlyweds must perform together. Previously, it was the bride’s “job” to cut the cake and hand it to their guests. The cake cutting tradition is a must for any wedding, and aside from the cake itself, the cake servers are just as important. While tradition dictates that it must be silver, there are other options to choose from, such as those that will match your theme. If you are having a tropical destination wedding, why not choose mother-of-pearl handled cake servers? The cake servers and knife can also be decorated with the colors which match the theme of the wedding.

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March 14

Wedding Guestbook and Pen

Wedding guest book Wedding guestbooks and pens are a wonderful addition to your big day – it’s a small touch but it makes a big difference. In the old days, this tradition had something to do with necessity, rather than sentimentality. When a couple was married, everyone who came to the wedding was a witness, and therefore required to sign the marriage contract. Of course, today, this is no longer needed, but having a guest book everyone can sign and write their best wishes for you is a wonderful keepsake to have. There are many unique guestbook’s available, but make sure the one you get matches your wedding theme and colors.

Tags: bridal accessory, bridal guest books, bridal pens, wedding accessories, wedding accessory, wedding guest books, wedding guestbook and pen, wedding pens

March 12

Throwing garters

Bridal gartersThe throwing of the garter is actually one of the oldest traditions during weddings. In the 14th Century in Europe, it was believed that having a piece of the bride’s clothing was good luck for wedding guests. This actually led to having the poor bride’s dress torn to shreds, so instead the couple began throwing pieces of clothing (such as the garter) to the guests instead. Over the years, this evolved, and the male guests would often get drunk and rowdy, sometimes forcibly removing the garter themselves. This did not sit well with the groom, so then grooms began removing the garters from their new wives to toss to his eager friends. So this tiny scrap of fabric will be seen by everyone at the wedding, and therefore it’s important that it match the rest of the wedding theme.

Tags: bridal accessory, bridal garter, bridal garters, wedding accessories, wedding accessory, wedding garter, wedding garters

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