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March 10

Spring Wedding Favors

White Candy Ribbon for Bonbonniere Springtime is one of the most popular times of the year to get married, being one of the most beautiful times of the year. Your theme should be centered on springtime and everything should be coordinated – even down to the party favors! If you’re having a garden or garden-themed wedding, then why not give away some seeds or small gardening kits? These quaint novelty items come in small, personalized packages your guests can take away. Pastel colors are a hit with any springtime wedding, and Jordan almonds painted in pretty pastel hues are perfect, especially for brides and grooms with a sweet tooth! To continue with the spring theme, remind your guest that saving the environment is important by giving away some eco-friendly favors made of recycled and biodegradable materials.

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March 08

Spring wedding ideas

wedding garter daisyAh spring…is there any better time of the year for a wedding? Aside from the associations between springtime and fertility, these months are the best tme of the year – it’s not that cold that a bride couldn’t get away with a sexy dress, but it’s not uncomfortably hot for a beautiful outdoor wedding set amongst the budding flowers of the season.  With this in mind, brides can incorporate spring themes into their wedding. Why stick with just one of two flowers, when there’s a host of spring blooms you can use? Cornflowers, marigolds, larkspur, petunias, violets, snapdragons…these are just some flowers you can use in bouquets, table settings and reception area. Springtime is also the time for butterflies and birds – why not use these as a theme as well? Paint the banquet hall with colorful butterfly wings, release doves after the ceremony or wear butterfly themed jewelry.

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February 13

Selecting Jewelry for the Bride

Double Floral Crystal    Headband with White PearlsThey say accessories can make or break any outfit, and even for brides, the right jewelry can make a difference. But just because you’re wearing the gown of your dreams, doesn’t mean you’re limited to just earrings or a necklace. Nowadays, there are lots of selections available in bridal tiara, pearl and crystal hair accessories and jewelry brooches that enable you create your very own wedding look. Consider (if it matches your veil or bridal hairstyle) getting a beautiful tiara, made with sparkling crystals or elegant pearls. A beautiful pearl tiara goes best with a lovely pearl necklace. A bridal crystal and pearl pin or brooch can make excellent accessories for you gown. Turn a simple wedding gown into an stunning one by pinning a pearl brooch to the sash or waistline. The look you created is uniquely yours. Or, you can even add the pin or brooch to the bridal bouquet.Cubic Zirconia Bridesmaid Jewlery Set

You should also match the tiara or hair accessories with the bridal jewelry set. Of course, necklaces and earrings should be selected carefully. Different styles of necklaces compliment different necklines. A choker or collar style necklace set goes well with a strapless gown. If your gown is beaded, then try to match the color of the pearls with those on the gown. Iridescent crystals will match iridescent beads. And the rule of gold and silver jewelry still applies, even with the gown color - silver jewely goes best with a white gown and gold jewelry matches gold embroidery. But no matter the material, always remember that the simpler the style of the gown, then the more ornate your jewelry.

Tags: bridal jewelry, bridal jewelry sets, bride's jewelry

February 06

Jewelry for the Mother of the Groom

Bridal Pearl Necklace with CrystalsJust because a wedding is all about the bride, doesn’t mean all the other females should look dowdy and unfashionable. During weddings, everyone deserves a chance to dress up and be noticed, none more so than the mother of the groom.

This special lady (without her, only half of the equation would be complete) will have her chance to shine as well. Selecting the perfect gown is crucial, and more so the accessories. A matching jewelry set, perhaps an elegant pearl necklace, earrings and bracelets can set off that dress and make her stand proud when her son says “I do.” 

Tags: bridal jewelry, bridal jewelry sets, mother of the groom jewelry

January 30

Selecting Jewelry for the Mother of the Bride

Bridal Jewlery Necklace & Earring SetIt’s the moment all mothers wait for – watching her daughter walk down the aisle to be married to that special man. But wait, just because it’s not her day, doesn’t mean she should just fade in the background! The mother of the bride is the 2nd most important lady in the room, and looking frumpy is a no-no! Mothers of the bride must look both elegant and stunning. A pearl necklace and simple, matching earrings can make any outfit stand out. If you’re feeling a bit more bold and adventurous, perhaps something in a sparkling crystal will definitely make a statement and will get you as many compliments as the bride!

Tags: bridal jewelry, bridal jewelry sets, mother of the bride jewelry

January 23

Selecting Jewelry for the Bridesmaid

Bridesmaid Crystal Jewelry SetOk ladies, how many times have you been stuck with a bridesmaid’s gown that was: a) terrible and b) totally unwearable after the wedding?

But don’t worry, these days, many bridesmaids dresses have become quite fashionable. To coordinate your wedding party, consider matching bridesmaid jewelry sets, as this will make it easier to decide. The pearls or crystals should match the color of the gowns, while the style should reflect that of the cut and design of the dresses. Consider giving jewelry that your bridesmaid can wear again - a very practical & popular idea. With the perfect accessories, bridesmaids have even more reason to want to walk down the aisle (even if it’s not their big day.)

Jewelry sets  makes excellent bridesmaid gifts. There are lots of very affordable choices of bridesmaid jewelry sets,  be it  pearl or crystal, that won't break your budget. 

Tags: bridesmaid jewelry, bridesmaid jewelry sets, bridesmaid wedding gifts

January 16

Jewelry for Flower Girls

Flower Girl Illusion Necklace

Every little girl dreams of being a bride…and most of these dreams begin when the stroll down the aisle as flower girls. Cute flower girls are an adorable addition to any wedding party and they can be a joy to have. You can outfit them in multitudes of fabrics and colors, and you’ll hear guests’ oohs and aahhs as they walk daintily down the aisle.

Why not make this day special for your flower girl as well, one that she’ll never forget?  Flower girl jewelry sets are a great way to accessorize flower girl dresses and make the little one feel all grown up. Imagine her delight when she sees dainty earrings, a necklace and bracelet just for her to wear! 

Tags: flower girl jewelry, flower girl jewelry set, flower girl wedding gifts

January 09

Selecting Jewelry Maid of Honor


Bridesmaid Pearl NecklaceBeing a maid of honor is an honor in itself – out of all the bride’s female friends, a maid of honour is the one she can rely on most of all.

Her gown should reflect this special role, and so should her accessories. The dress, while it should be the same color to match the rest of the wedding party, can be designed to stand out from the bridesmaids, but not overpowering the bride’s. Her necklace, earrings and bracelet or hair accessories, such as  decorative hairpins and headbands, should match as well, but can be different from the bridesmaids, as well as matching the neckline and cut of her dress. 

Tags: bridal jewelry, bridal jewelry sets, bridesmaid jewelry

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