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July 29

Choosing the Right Garter

ivory bridal garter with crystalsThe colour and style of the garter is what’s important. What is your colour preference? Perhaps your preference is soft pastel pink, hot sexy red, pure as silk white, intense sexy black or electric blue, pastel light blue?  This is a very important answer to know and it’s a great starting point. Pick a colour and a style then you are almost there. Do you want a plain garter or a customized one? Consider styles such as white lace, ivory satin, add sweet pearls or spectacular jewellery. It is a treasure that the receiver of this garter will keep. Do you want a bow on it or plain? There are thousands of styles and colours to choose from.  This is an inexpensive decision. You can buy online and pick out the style you want. They start around $20.00 each and up. It may be a good idea to buy a few of them to get an idea of which one you will like best.

The colours are important. You want to pick a sexy red or black garter. You can find these in women’s lingerie. You may want to add rhinestones, pearls, or crystals to it. You will likely want it to match the tiara, headband or dress. You may choose the innocent white colour or an ivory. You can also choose a set. You keep one and toss one.

You also need to consider what size is needed. Measure your leg just above the knee where you will war it. They usually come in one size because of the elastic band. You may need a plus size garter at plus size stores or check online. You can choose something very simple or elegant. You can choose something very plain or extraordinary. Try a purple garter or bright electric colours. Have a garter made especially for you. Consider the shock factor to your guests. Maybe this is what you are going for in the presentation.

Tags: wedding garter, wedding garters, bridal garter, bridal garters, wedding accessories

July 19

Tiara or headband, which is for you?

wedding crystal headband with combThe Tiara

It is important to know what kind of tiaras and headbands are available before you can decide which one is the right one for you. You need to do your research. There are thousands of styles to choose from such as crystal, silver, pearl, rhinestone, etc.  Most of them come in one colour, but you can consider adding colours to your tiara. Be careful of wearing yellow or gold if you have pale skin. Be careful of wearing one that is bigger than your hair. Knowing what doesn’t look right is as important as knowing what doesn’t look right. The shape of the tiara is important too. The tiara is a lot more elegant and sophisticated than the headband. You have the option of wearing both which would look really grand. The tiara makes you look like a fairy princess while the headband makes you look elegant and sophisticated.

The Headband

The headband comes in thousands of styles and different kinds. Do your homework carefully. Choose your dress first to see what compliments it best. The headband can be very simple or very elegant. There are as many styles as the tiara. You can choose to wear both of them.

Reasons for your choice

You need to take in many considerations in choosing what is right for you. These considerations are how it looks with your dress, how it looks with your skin colour and your hair. You need to be aware of what colours are right for you too. You might want to consider getting your colours done so that you know for sure.  Do you look good in crystals, rhinestones or pearls? Get help from your family, friends, a wedding planner and the people who work at the bridal salon. Consider it being made personally for you by a professional. Ask around, word of mouth is an important factor. The internet or library is a great source for research. Research it intensely to find the right one for you.

Tags: bridal wedding tiara, bridal wedding headbands, wedding hair accessories

July 05

Wedding bracelet as your bridesmaidís gift

Bridal Pearl BraceletSince the traditions were put in places ages ago, it has been customary for the bride to choose a gift for the bridesmaids who stand by her side on the wedding day. You can either wreck your brain thinking up gifts for each and every girl, keeping mind their different tastes while trying to keep the price fair to all, or you can pick up a bracelet for each of them.

Among jewelry, a bracelet makes for the best gift as you can buy various designs and styles to suit all of your bridesmaids’ fashion sense while sticking to a similar budget. Unlike a necklace or an earring, bracelets are almost one size fit all i.e. there is no need to worry about necklines, styles etc when it comes to a bracelet. Moreover, a bracelet can be chunky and ornate and yet bet worn on any occasion other than a wedding.

Tags: bridesmaid jewelry, bridesmaid bracelets, bridesmaid gifts

June 25

Wedding ceremony formal vs casual

White tiger lily wedding guest bookCasual wedding ceremonies are becoming more and more popular these days. It still remains a personal choice for the bride and groom, but it seems like the new generation prefers to draw from their own imagination, rather than stick to the traditional ways. While choosing between formal and casual wedding ceremony, the thing remember is that your wedding day is an once-in-a-lifetime occasion and how do you picture this day in your mind.

In a way, casual wedding ceremonies are a deliberate decision to walk away from the frills and pomp of the traditional ceremonies. The stiff necked tuxedos and traditional white gowns are thrown away for themes dresses and setting close to the couples’ heart. Casual weddings are now held anywhere, on a beach, on a boat, a hill, a meadow, in a beautiful garden or by a lake, somewhere that means something to the people tying the knot.

Tags: wedding planning, wedding planning ideas, wedding accessories, wedding guest books

June 18

Wedding brooch is getting popular

When it comes to wedding jewelry, the brooch is back with a bang as a fashion accessory. In its new avatar, the wedding brooch is no more the glorified safety pin holding the dress up. It is worn as a fashion statement and the new styles and designs are ensuring they are as eye catching as any other wedding jewelry.

Pearl and Rhine stone wedding brooches are very popular right now. Worn with off shoulder gowns, wedding brooches can set off even a simple wedding dress with an eye catching design. If you intent to wear the wedding brooch in this fashion keep your necklace simpler, so that it doesn’t make the top half too heavily ornate. Wedding gowns that drape across the body can also be help up with a beautiful brooch as a fashion accessory. It is also makes for a beautiful bridesmaid’s gift.

Tags: bridal jewelry, bridal brooch, wedding brooch, brooches, bridal brooches, wedding brooches

June 11

Help your mom be her best on your wedding day

Mother of the bride jewelry setFor moms, their daughter’s wedding day is a busy occasion. Your mom is probably going to be rushed off her feet trying to oversee everything, arranging guest’s lists, fending calls etc. She might even forget to buy herself a dress or get a makeover done. It is up to you to  help your mom be her best on your wedding day.

While buying your mom’s outfit keep in mind that it shouldn’t be white or off-white.  Pick a dress that suits her own style and figure but in a color that goes with the wedding theme. Remember, not all moms are fashion conscious and years spent looking after home and family often make mom chose prefer comfort rather than fashion. So go help her pick out  a new fashionable outfit and get her a nice makeover to help her look the best on your wedding day.

Tags: wedding planning, wedding planning ideas, , mother wedding gifts, wedding jewelry for mom, mom wedding jewelry sets

May 20

Wedding day makeup tips

Bridal wedding earrings with crystalsWomen from all walks of life are looking forward for their wedding day to come so preparations go meticulously including how they should look on that special day. To make them the most beautiful bride, here are some wedding day makeup tips that may be helpful to make them shine and stand out. Put in mind that the bride will be wearing a white gown so the makeup should be just right, not too light nor too heavy. Foundations should be applied evenly on the face and set with sheer finish powders to last longer. Use water resistant eye liners and mascara to withstand tears since emotions may pour down. Before applying lipstick, line it with lip liners first for long lasting effect and choose brighter colors like rose, pink, plum, or others that are two tones brighter that what the bride usually wear. An additional layer of lip gloss can add glamour to the lips and finish it with a vibrant colored blush to highlight the look.

Tags: wedding etiquettes, wedding ideas, wedding planning

May 12

Popular summer wedding colors

Colorful bridesmaid jewelry setSummer weddings are perfect for playing with bright color. Summer is definitely not the time to indulge in boring old white. The summer blooms, the green trees and the perfect blue sky – all inspiring a variety of wedding colors in summer.

Summer wedding colors are generally a mix of bright with traditional shades, keeping a balance between the occasion and the season. The most common and popular summer wedding colors are shades of lilac, lavender, purple or green. Combinations of dark pink tempered by lighter shades of green or white are also quite popular summer wedding colors. For men, popular summer wedding colors include khaki and white or even beach wear color schemes when it’s a beach wedding.

You can go more seasonal with summer weddings colors that reflect the rich golden hues of sunset or the shimmering blues of the sea. The bottom-line: take your inspiration from the season.

Tags: wedding etiquettes, wedding ideas, summer wedding planning, summer wedding accessories

May 05

Choosing your summer wedding jewelry


Bridal rhinestone & pearl jewelry setsIt seems summer still remains the most popular time for weddings - after all, don’t we all want to be June brides? Aside from the gorgeous weather, the vibrant colors of summer lend itself to any happy occasion. The green trees, bright sunlight and clear summer skies are the perfect backdrop for a wedding. Make sure you and your bridesmaids are just as beautiful as Mother Nature - don’t compete, but rather, compliment your surroundings. With the perfect summer wedding jewelry to match your dresses. Beautiful vibrant crystal necklaces will liven up any gown and look smashing on a wide-necked dress. Matching dangling earrings will show off the sparkle of your eyes. Warm, gold-toned pearls are perfect for a more conservative setting, and are classic pieces which can be worn during any special occasion, making them perfect bridesmaids gifts.

Tags: jewelry for summer wedding, wedding jewelry, bridal jewelry, pearl and crystal jewelry, bridal jewelry set, bridal jewelry sets, pearl bridal jewelry, pearl wedding jewelry

April 23

5 interesting wedding etiquette you should know.

Beach wedding accessories- Dolphin Toasting setThere are countless of wedding etiquette that you may encounter as you plan your wedding. Here are 5 wedding etiquette that might strike your interest. In today’s economy, it is not a violation of the etiquette if the couple themselves and other family members contribute to the wedding expenses. If traditionally there is a rule on who pays for what, now that rule can be modified. Giving out of invitations should be done at least 3 weeks before the wedding date to give ample time for the guest to accurately plan their schedule. If you don’t want your guest to bring along their children, you can include the phrases “Adult Reception” or Adults Only Reception” in the invitation. If you are wearing gloves, you can take them off before the ring is worn. As much as possible avoid putting the ring over the gloves. The best man and the father of the bride traditionally give the toast, but if you want other people to propose a toast, it will not be a problem.


Tags: wedding etiquettes, wedding ideas, summer wedding planning, summer wedding accessories

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