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January 05

Fashion trend in wedding jewelry


Bridesmaid necklace with gold pearlThe wedding dress remains at the top of the “to-do” list of any bride. But after she has picked the fabric, the style and shoes, accessories are a must! Classic silver always goes well with white, but this year, the gold tones are back! The hottest trend of the season is gold. Gold necklaces can show off a beautiful neckline, while simple gold stud earrings can leave a bride’s glowing look to shine. For bridesmaids, gold bracelets can enhance short or sleeveless dresses, and look classic and elegant at the same time.


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December 30

Things You Should Know About Choosing Bridesmaid Jewelry


bridesmaid jewelry setsYour bridesmaids are those girls you can depend on - so your bridesmaid gifts to them should be special.
Jewelry is a choice gift for your female friends and something they can use again (think of it as payback for the dress!) A necklace with matching earrings is a popular bridesmaid jewelry gift for your bridesmaids. However, take care as you order the necklace. As length does matter! It’s important to choose one that will fit the girl and dress. The length should be customized so that the length will compliment the neckline of the gown. A 15” collar size will lay right at the collar bone, while a 12” choker size will be tight round the neck. Just in case, it’s always good to have a chain extender to extend to your desirable length and meet individual size requirements. Earrings can be pierced or clip-on, so unless you ask each girl individually, you can consider matching bracelets instead.

Choose gold or silver setting, whichever one matches the theme of your wedding. Gold is usually good for cream fabrics and silver always pairs well with a white gown. The color of the pearl should also match the fabric. For more versatility, consider a neutral color like cream, white pearl of even crystal jewelry sets.

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December 14

How Jewelry Can Compliment the Shape of Your Face


Cubic Zirconia Crystal EarringsMany brides, perhaps due to time constraints, think about accessories for their gown at the very last minute. However, they probably do not fully realize how their choice of accessories can be just as important as picking out place cards. Wedding jewelry should be worn to compliment your gown and enhance your looks. The color is important, but shape could be just as crucial, as accessories must be worn to compliment the shape of your face. For example, a round shape can be made to look longer with dangling earrings. Girls with diamond-shaped faces should stick to simple, studs, like pearl earrings, to lessen the severity of the chin. Hoops or drop shaped earrings suits almost every shape, especially heart-shaped faces. The necklace can be just as important - women with square necks should avoid choker-style necklaces and instead opt for long, slim chains to elongate the neck.

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December 06

Get The Best Value on Wedding Jewelry


idal Jewelry Set with Crystals & Pearl DropWeddings are a big affair, and yes, it can often mean shelling out big bucks to celebrate this special day. There’s the big details - the reception, the flowers, the dresses, but don’t forget the small ones - like your wedding jewelry. This small detail, however, can end up costing your a fortune, but that needn’t be the case. You can definitely find ways to get the best value for your wedding jewelry. First off, buying as a set can save you some money. A matching set of a necklace, earrings and bracelet can be bundled together and be discounted. Choose something you can wear again, something that will match other outfits, after all you’ll never wear that gown again. A classic pearl and crystal set will be your best choice, as these can be worn at a casual event or even at another wedding, making sure you’re getting the most for your hard-earned dollars.

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November 30

Selecting your wedding color


Bridesmaind Jewelry Set with Yellow CrystalsYour wedding theme, and more importantly, your wedding color will set the tone for your entire wedding, and most, if not all, brides decide on their color before the planning begins. Your wedding color will ultimately reflect your theme. For this year, turquoise and silver seems to be the popular color for brides, but there are some daring ladies out there who use deep fuschia or even pale yellow.
One of the most important pieces which will reflect your color and theme are the bridesmaid’s dresses. Selecting them in the right tone is important, and to bring out the beauty of dresses the right accessories must be worn. Whether you choose sparkling crystals or classic pearls, these accessories can be purchased in colors which will suit any dress color.

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November 05

Choosing your Winter wedding jewelry


Winter Snowflake EarringsNot everyone chooses to be a winter bride, but the beautiful snow-covered ground conjures up fantasies of winter white weddings. Going with the season, it’s safe to say silver trimming would best match your weddings, and silver jewelry and accessories are no exception. A silver necklace would best compliment a dress with a wide or open neckline, while a short silver choker-style necklace would suit more conservative decolletages. A selection of snow flake themed jewelry would wrap up gorgeous bridesmaids dresses -  beautiful silver snowflake dangling earrings, snowflake pendants or even charm bracelets will sure bring that winter wonderland into your wedding.

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October 16

Choosing your Fall wedding jewelry

Bridal Jewelry Set with Crystal LeafletsAutumn time is beginning to be another popular choice for weddings. Veering away from traditional pastels and bright colors, many brides love the earthy gold and yellow tones one can play with during this time of the year. The falling leaves themselves bring a natural decor to any celebration. And not just with decor, but even down to your invitations, seating cards and even your accessories. Why not have various leaf patterns as necklace and bracelet charms? Beautiful gold and yellow tones on crystal and pearl accessories will certainly top off any fall wedding entourage - from bridesmaid’s necklaces to flower girls’ charm bracelets or headpieces.

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July 08

Nautical Wedding

nautical server setNautical themed weddings are very romantic and are a great way to share a love of boating and/or the sea. Having your wedding offshore or literally on the water can bring in the nautical theme in a big way.

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July 03

Calla Lily Wedding Planning Ideas

Calla Lily broochUsing calla lilies as a feature of your wedding is a great way to add a subtle theme to your decor. Calla lilies look beautiful when featured as centerpieces, or as part of a bouquet alongside flowers with complimentary coloured petals. They can also be used to decorate your guestbook and pen, or can be used on your ring pillow or flower basket to add interest. They even look beautiful as part of a cake design, which you can match with a cake server set with calla lily ornaments. Another idea is to add a calla lily to your wedding outfit. Although a full flower would be too bulky and overwhelming, a small brooch looks elegant with its symbolism of purity and beauty.

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June 30

Beach Wedding Ideas

Beach weddings always carry with them a notion of carefree romance and fun, and couples are willing to go as far as Hawaii or Jamaica to have the beach wedding of their dreams. But just because you have the beach doesn't mean you have to skimp on style.   Long and flowing is the perfect style to catch the warm sea breeze and have it show through in your pictures. For your bridesmaids, you may want to opt for shorter dresses with bright colours so they can keep cool but still look radiant. Worrying about sand in your shoes while walking down the aisle? Consider a pair of sandals, which will still be elegant and might spare you some discomfort.

If you're looking to match the decor with the theme, try bright, vibrant colours for "pop" or incorporate a focal point, such as seashells, to unify your wedding.

Tags: beach wedding, wedding planning, wedding theme, wedding ideas, wedding idea

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