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August 23

Vogue Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets for your Beach Themed Wedding

Planning a wedding can be a lot of headache. From the venue, to the wedding gown, to the theme of the whole ceremony, everything must be flawless. If you have chosen your wedding to be on a beach, then this article would be fitting to your reading. You have to take into account the theme and the setting. Of course that would be automatic, but have you considered your bridesmaid jewelry set?
The wedding jewelry for bridesmaids should be in mind for they will parade before you. If you want to stay true to the seashore theme of the beach, you can choose pearl bridesmaid jewelry. As a product of the sea, pearls can easily match the setting. Not that they only catch the eyes, they would represent the place perfectly. If you want to be deeper than that, rhinestone bridesmaid jewelry set would be also become perfect. When worn by your bridesmaids, these rhinestone bridesmaid jewelries will shine like the sparkle of the light when the sun hits the sea. Rhinestone wedding jewelry sets for your bridesmaids can glimmer like diamonds but are a lot cheaper. This will be easier for if you have limited wedding budget.
Be creative since this will be only a rare opportunity to express your love for each other in the world. Happily express it by planning the right bridesmaid jewelry for your beach-themed wedding.

Tags: wedding planning, wedding planning ideas, bridal jewelry, bridal jewelry sets

August 12

Sparkle your Way to the Altar with Rhinestone Bridal Jewelry Sets

We had attended lots of weddings in our time before we even get married. We all have this guilty pleasure of being a food critic, decor critic, as well as a fashion police rolled into one. We tend to check if the food is sumptuous, if the decorations are fantastic, and most of all, if the bride walks down the aisle with a good sense of fashion. So during our own wedding day, we know better. 
We tend to plan every detail with much precision. We make sure the food is great and the decors are to die for. Also, we get the most elegant wedding gown in the bunch as well as the most fabulous and marvelous bridal jewelry sets in the market. But we all do follow our wedding budget. So the best choice for an affordable bridal jewelry yet luxurious enough to wow the crowd is getting a rhinestone bridal jewelry set. Rhinestones shine like diamonds and it looks like one too. It still sparkles magnanimously as light reflects on them. But what’s great is that rhinestone crystals are cheap.
So have a wedding enough for the famous fashion critic Joan Rivers to say that your wedding jewelry fashion statement belongs to the Oscars.

Tags: wedding planning, wedding planning ideas, bride's jewelry, bridal jewelry sets

June 16

Create a Great Wedding Theme with your Bridal Jewelry Sets

Every wedding we attend or even our own wedding, there is usually a theme. Some wedding wants a whimsical and out of this world themes while some just want a simple theme. Others want a nature inspired one. Whatever wedding theme you choose, you need to incorporate your wedding gown and wedding jewelry sets to the chosen theme of your wedding. 
You need to choose a great bridal jewelry set that would greatly complement your wedding gown and your wedding theme. If you want a whimsical wedding theme, you can choose a unique bridal jewelry design that is full of rhinestone crystals. These crystals would offer a great sparkle and add a unique design which would add certain playfulness to your whimsical fashion statement. If you are the type who wants simplicity to shine through on your wedding, you can opt to use a pearl bridal jewelry. It oozes elegance but is yet simple in design. If you choose a nature wedding theme, you can buy bridal jewelry with flowers and leaves design. It would give a natural look as you walk down the aisle. 
Whatever wedding theme you want to incorporate with your dream wedding, always look for stylish yet affordable bridal jewelry sets to fashion on your wedding day.

Tags: wedding jewelry, wedding jewelry set, wedding jewelry sets, bridal jewelry, bridal jewelry sets


October 12

Choosing Winter Wedding Jewelry

bridal necklace with crystalAre you planning to have a winter wedding celebration? Have you already chosen the wedding jewelry that you will be wearing on your wedding day? If not yet, then, here are some tips which you could use to help you choose the winter wedding jewelry that is just right for you.

The first and the most important thing that you should consider in choosing your winter wedding jewelry is your budget. How much could you spend for your wedding jewelry? Secondly, you have to consider how the jewelry will fit the theme of your wedding. For a winter wedding celebration, choosing those snowflakes earrings and necklaces will best suit the event. You may also base your wedding jewelry option on your wedding gown. Will the jewelry complement your wedding gown? Using snowflakes design made out of pearls will surely add beauty to your winter white wedding gown.

In choosing your winter wedding jewelry, take into consideration your budget and the theme of your wedding celebration.

Tags: wedding jewelry, wedding jewelry set, wedding jewelry sets, bridal jewelry, bridal jewelry sets

May 05

Choosing your summer wedding jewelry


Bridal rhinestone & pearl jewelry setsIt seems summer still remains the most popular time for weddings - after all, don’t we all want to be June brides? Aside from the gorgeous weather, the vibrant colors of summer lend itself to any happy occasion. The green trees, bright sunlight and clear summer skies are the perfect backdrop for a wedding. Make sure you and your bridesmaids are just as beautiful as Mother Nature - don’t compete, but rather, compliment your surroundings. With the perfect summer wedding jewelry to match your dresses. Beautiful vibrant crystal necklaces will liven up any gown and look smashing on a wide-necked dress. Matching dangling earrings will show off the sparkle of your eyes. Warm, gold-toned pearls are perfect for a more conservative setting, and are classic pieces which can be worn during any special occasion, making them perfect bridesmaids gifts.

Tags: jewelry for summer wedding, wedding jewelry, bridal jewelry, pearl and crystal jewelry, bridal jewelry set, bridal jewelry sets, pearl bridal jewelry, pearl wedding jewelry

January 29

Choosing your spring wedding jewelry


Bridal Jewelry Set with Crystal FloralsSpring is another popular season (after Summer) for couples to tie the knot. Mother Nature is at her best - fresh green leaves on the trees, flowers in bloom everywhere - it makes the perfect backdrop for any wedding. Since Spring is the season of flowers, bloom-inspired accessories make the perfect touch to any gown. Aside from just floral bouquets and hair arrangements, why not, instead, go for flower-shaped accessories. Small crystals can be made into flower shapes for necklaces and bracelets. Or choose colored pearl that exude the same tones and colors of springtime showers.
Roses, tulips and freesias are most common and popular springtime flowers, but why not be unique? Cherry blossoms are beautiful exotic flowers and make a good theme to build your wedding around.

Tags: spring wedding jewelry, jewelry for spring wedding, wedding jewelry, bridal jewelry, crystal wedding jewelry, crystal bridal jewelry, bridal jewelry set, bridal jewelry sets

January 13

Making your wedding jewelry unique


Brown pearl illusion necklace for weddingEvery bride is different and every bride is unique. All women on their special day want their weddings to stand out from the crowd, and one to be remembered. Choosing a unique theme and, more importantly, color. Everything must be made to match the wedding color, from the invitations to the flower. The centerpiece of this show of course, is the bride herself, surround by her entourage. The dress colors should follow the theme and the accessories can be just as important. The right pearl size, for example, is essential for showing off the wedding colors, as you don’t want the pearls to overwhelm the dress or vice versa. Pearls are also available in a variety of colors, so pick a color that will go well (and not clash) with your theme.

Tags: brown pearl wedding jewelry, bridal jewelry, bridal jewelry set, bridal jewelry sets, jewelry for wedding, pearl and crystal jewelry, pearl bridal jewelry, pearl wedding jewelry, wedding jewelry

January 05

Fashion trend in wedding jewelry


Bridesmaid necklace with gold pearlThe wedding dress remains at the top of the “to-do” list of any bride. But after she has picked the fabric, the style and shoes, accessories are a must! Classic silver always goes well with white, but this year, the gold tones are back! The hottest trend of the season is gold. Gold necklaces can show off a beautiful neckline, while simple gold stud earrings can leave a bride’s glowing look to shine. For bridesmaids, gold bracelets can enhance short or sleeveless dresses, and look classic and elegant at the same time.


Tags: pearl bridal jewelry sets, bridal jewelry sets, gold bridal jewelry, gold wedding jewelry, illusion bridal jewelry sets, wedding jewelry sets in gold, wedding pearl jewelry


December 06

Get The Best Value on Wedding Jewelry


idal Jewelry Set with Crystals & Pearl DropWeddings are a big affair, and yes, it can often mean shelling out big bucks to celebrate this special day. There’s the big details - the reception, the flowers, the dresses, but don’t forget the small ones - like your wedding jewelry. This small detail, however, can end up costing your a fortune, but that needn’t be the case. You can definitely find ways to get the best value for your wedding jewelry. First off, buying as a set can save you some money. A matching set of a necklace, earrings and bracelet can be bundled together and be discounted. Choose something you can wear again, something that will match other outfits, after all you’ll never wear that gown again. A classic pearl and crystal set will be your best choice, as these can be worn at a casual event or even at another wedding, making sure you’re getting the most for your hard-earned dollars.

Tags: bridal jewelry, bridal jewelry set, bridal jewelry sets, crystal bridal jewelry, crystal wedding jewelry, wedding jewelry, wedding planning, jewelry for wedding, wedding jewelry for bride

February 13

Selecting Jewelry for the Bride

Double Floral Crystal    Headband with White PearlsThey say accessories can make or break any outfit, and even for brides, the right jewelry can make a difference. But just because you’re wearing the gown of your dreams, doesn’t mean you’re limited to just earrings or a necklace. Nowadays, there are lots of selections available in bridal tiara, pearl and crystal hair accessories and jewelry brooches that enable you create your very own wedding look. Consider (if it matches your veil or bridal hairstyle) getting a beautiful tiara, made with sparkling crystals or elegant pearls. A beautiful pearl tiara goes best with a lovely pearl necklace. A bridal crystal and pearl pin or brooch can make excellent accessories for you gown. Turn a simple wedding gown into an stunning one by pinning a pearl brooch to the sash or waistline. The look you created is uniquely yours. Or, you can even add the pin or brooch to the bridal bouquet.Cubic Zirconia Bridesmaid Jewlery Set

You should also match the tiara or hair accessories with the bridal jewelry set. Of course, necklaces and earrings should be selected carefully. Different styles of necklaces compliment different necklines. A choker or collar style necklace set goes well with a strapless gown. If your gown is beaded, then try to match the color of the pearls with those on the gown. Iridescent crystals will match iridescent beads. And the rule of gold and silver jewelry still applies, even with the gown color - silver jewely goes best with a white gown and gold jewelry matches gold embroidery. But no matter the material, always remember that the simpler the style of the gown, then the more ornate your jewelry.

Tags: bridal jewelry, bridal jewelry sets, bride's jewelry

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