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August 23

Vogue Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets for your Beach Themed Wedding

Planning a wedding can be a lot of headache. From the venue, to the wedding gown, to the theme of the whole ceremony, everything must be flawless. If you have chosen your wedding to be on a beach, then this article would be fitting to your reading. You have to take into account the theme and the setting. Of course that would be automatic, but have you considered your bridesmaid jewelry set?
The wedding jewelry for bridesmaids should be in mind for they will parade before you. If you want to stay true to the seashore theme of the beach, you can choose pearl bridesmaid jewelry. As a product of the sea, pearls can easily match the setting. Not that they only catch the eyes, they would represent the place perfectly. If you want to be deeper than that, rhinestone bridesmaid jewelry set would be also become perfect. When worn by your bridesmaids, these rhinestone bridesmaid jewelries will shine like the sparkle of the light when the sun hits the sea. Rhinestone wedding jewelry sets for your bridesmaids can glimmer like diamonds but are a lot cheaper. This will be easier for if you have limited wedding budget.
Be creative since this will be only a rare opportunity to express your love for each other in the world. Happily express it by planning the right bridesmaid jewelry for your beach-themed wedding.

Tags: bridal jewelry, bridal jewelry sets, wedding planning, wedding planning ideas

August 12

Sparkle your Way to the Altar with Rhinestone Bridal Jewelry Sets

We had attended lots of weddings in our time before we even get married. We all have this guilty pleasure of being a food critic, decor critic, as well as a fashion police rolled into one. We tend to check if the food is sumptuous, if the decorations are fantastic, and most of all, if the bride walks down the aisle with a good sense of fashion. So during our own wedding day, we know better. 
We tend to plan every detail with much precision. We make sure the food is great and the decors are to die for. Also, we get the most elegant wedding gown in the bunch as well as the most fabulous and marvelous bridal jewelry sets in the market. But we all do follow our wedding budget. So the best choice for an affordable bridal jewelry yet luxurious enough to wow the crowd is getting a rhinestone bridal jewelry set. Rhinestones shine like diamonds and it looks like one too. It still sparkles magnanimously as light reflects on them. But what’s great is that rhinestone crystals are cheap.
So have a wedding enough for the famous fashion critic Joan Rivers to say that your wedding jewelry fashion statement belongs to the Oscars.

Tags: bridal jewelry sets, bride's jewelry, wedding planning, wedding planning ideas

March 23

How to select unique bridesmaid jewelry?

Every one of us is unique and that is the main reason why we like to stand out from the rest of the people. We try to make an impact with our clothes, make up, jewelry and style. The same thing happens when it comes to weddings. Nobody likes to look like someone else as we are all unique with a unique personality.
You can select unique bridesmaid jewelry if you look online and order jewelry that you think it will be the best fit to your bridesmaids. When selecting unique jewelry make sure that you select wedding jewelry that will match with the bridesmaid’s dresses.
Finding unique jewelry is hard these days, but if you look for it patiently, you will be able to have something that is unique and that will mark your wedding as one of a kind.
When selecting bridesmaids’ jewelry, bring your bridesmaids with you as together you will find wedding jewelry that everyone will be comfortable wearing. You could select bridesmaids jewelry sets under 20 and save money along the way. It is important to buy bridesmaids jewelry sets that you like and that everyone else in approving.
You can have a unique combination of jewelry if you buy jewelry pieces separately. You could buy necklace, earrings and bracelets and then combine it to make a gorgeous set. In that way you will achieve a unique look. 

Tags: bridesmaid jewelry, bridesmaid jewelry sets, wedding planning, wedding planning ideas


December 13

How to Entertain your Ring Bearer on your Wedding Day

dragonfly theme wedding ring pouchA ring bearer is one of the most important persons in a wedding ceremony. Without this cute little boy, the wedding ceremony would be incomplete. A ring bearer may be the smallest and the youngest person in a wedding ceremony but his role is too huge and cannot be ignored. We cannot deny the fact that children easily get bored. Due to this, you have to keep this little boy entertained in order for him not to get bored and lose his mood.
During the wedding, you may ask the help of your ring bearer’s parents to keep their child entertained all throughout the wedding ceremony. Parents know best when it comes to controlling the mood of their kids. Another way to keep your ring bearer entertained is to give him a gift which you think he will enjoy having. Examples would include but are not limited to the following: a toy car, a personalized ring bearer pillow, a box of chocolates, and educational toys.

It is important to keep your ring bearer entertained so that he may be able to treasure his experience as a ring bearer when he grows old.

Tags: wedding accessories, wedding planning, wedding planning ideas, wedding ring pouch, wedding ring pouches

November 11

Sport Theme Wedding

Skate broochAre you a sport fanatic? Well, if you consider yourself one, then, a sport-themed wedding is just right for you.

Sport-themed weddings come in a variety of styles. It may be a tennis-themed wedding, a hockey skate-themed wedding, a baseball-themed wedding, a football-themed wedding, a bicycling-themed wedding and other sports-themed weddings that may suit your interests.

If you are planning to have a sport-themed wedding, you have to plan everything well so that your wedding celebration will turn out as what you have expected.

Prepare your invitations cards. Try to choose invitation cards that would complement the sports that you have chosen for your wedding theme.

Decide for your wedding decorations and souvenirs. Plan out well how you would decorate the venue of your wedding in order to give the place the atmosphere of the sports that you have chosen. You may choose to give out souvenirs that represent the sports that you have chosen as your wedding theme.

Choose gowns, wedding accessories, and suits wisely. Try to add a touch of sports-style on the wedding accessories that you and your visitors will be wearing on your wedding day.

Enjoy your sports-themed wedding!

Tags: sport wedding theme, wedding planning, wedding planning ideas

August 25

Things to Consider for your Fall Wedding

Fall Leaf Unity cnadleWedding ceremonies have their own unique wedding themes. If you are planning to have a fall wedding on your wedding day, then, you have to consider the location of your wedding, the color theme, and the comfort of your guests.

Location. You have to choose the place where your wedding ceremony will be held. You may either choose to have an outdoor wedding or an indoor wedding during your wedding day. If you opt to have an outdoor wedding, then, you have to make sure that you have already a back up plan in case the weather does not go out well.

Color Theme. You have to consider the color of the dresses of your gown and bridesmaids’ gowns as well as the colors of your wedding decorations and invitation cards. Match these things with the color of the autumn season. Some of the most famous fall wedding theme colors is gold, brown, orange, warm yellow and rust red.

Your guests. You have to consider the comfort of your guests at all times. Are they feeling cold? Provide them with any means that would help them feel comfortable all throughout the wedding ceremony.

Enjoy your big day!

Tags: fall wedding accessories, fall wedding planning, fall wedding planning ideas, wedding planning, wedding planning ideas

August 17

Popular Fall Wedding Colors

Bridal brown pearl necklace with crystalsIt’s likely that the bride already knows what her color theme is going to be and has her wedding planned out in her mind’s eye. The season of the year is important to the color scheme. We are talking about Fall wedding colors. You can go with deep reds, purples, dark blues and blacks too as well as a velvet texture. You can add some browns in there to enhance the ambiance and flavour of the wedding. You need to incorporate the color theme into all areas of the wedding. 

The colors represent a meaning. This could be why you pick them. Red is for romance. Light blue is for fertility, compassion and peace. Pink is for love and friendship. Purple is for intuition and mysticism, dark blue is for communication and dreams. Black is for protection and release of negativity. Brown is for healing.

Consider having your colors done to incorporate this idea and information into your theme. Match the colors into your designs, patterns, décor, flowers, dresses and accessories.

Tags: bridesmaid jewelry, bridesmaid jewelry sets, wedding planning, wedding planning ideas

August 05

Help Your Bridesmaids Be Their Best

bridesmaid jewelry set with crystal ballsIt is important that your bridesmaids feel comfortable and at their best for your special day. Yes, you are the centre of attention but it’s nice to make them feel special and important. Consider all of you having a spa day together. This will be great fun.

You can show your gratitude in helping them to have their hair and make up done. Have a professional make up artist come to do it for them. Decide on what hair styles you will have done, whether they should be similar or different. Also decide on what salon to get your hair done in. Let the professionals take care of these details.

The bridesmaid’s thank you gifts are very important to making them feel at their best. Jewellery is likely the most popular item to get for them. You can pick out a necklace, earrings or a lovely bracelet. If your brides feel at their best then you will too. Relax and have fun. Enjoy the day.

Tags: bridesmaid jewelry, bridesmaid jewelry sets, wedding planning, wedding planning ideas

June 25

Wedding ceremony formal vs casual

White tiger lily wedding guest bookCasual wedding ceremonies are becoming more and more popular these days. It still remains a personal choice for the bride and groom, but it seems like the new generation prefers to draw from their own imagination, rather than stick to the traditional ways. While choosing between formal and casual wedding ceremony, the thing remember is that your wedding day is an once-in-a-lifetime occasion and how do you picture this day in your mind.

In a way, casual wedding ceremonies are a deliberate decision to walk away from the frills and pomp of the traditional ceremonies. The stiff necked tuxedos and traditional white gowns are thrown away for themes dresses and setting close to the couples’ heart. Casual weddings are now held anywhere, on a beach, on a boat, a hill, a meadow, in a beautiful garden or by a lake, somewhere that means something to the people tying the knot.

Tags: wedding accessories, wedding guest books, wedding planning, wedding planning ideas

June 11

Help your mom be her best on your wedding day

Mother of the bride jewelry setFor moms, their daughter’s wedding day is a busy occasion. Your mom is probably going to be rushed off her feet trying to oversee everything, arranging guest’s lists, fending calls etc. She might even forget to buy herself a dress or get a makeover done. It is up to you to  help your mom be her best on your wedding day.

While buying your mom’s outfit keep in mind that it shouldn’t be white or off-white.  Pick a dress that suits her own style and figure but in a color that goes with the wedding theme. Remember, not all moms are fashion conscious and years spent looking after home and family often make mom chose prefer comfort rather than fashion. So go help her pick out  a new fashionable outfit and get her a nice makeover to help her look the best on your wedding day.

Tags: , mom wedding jewelry sets, mother wedding gifts, wedding jewelry for mom, wedding planning, wedding planning ideas

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