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Bridesmaid 101: Steps to Being the Best Bridesmaid
Bridesmaid 101: Steps to Being the Best Bridesmaid

Bridesmaid 101: Steps to Being the Best Bridesmaid

Yes, your friend just called and had chosen you as bridesmaid for her wedding. The euphoria of seeing your best friend walk down the aisle plus the knowing the fact that she trusts you by having you as her bridesmaid would certainly make every girl feel like in cloud nine. But after all the hoopla, do you really know what a bridesmaid does? Sure, you need to look pretty and walk down the aisle before the bride with a stunning gown and sparkling wedding jewelries but is that it? Is there more to be expected from you as a bridesmaid?

Here is a bridesmaids 101 lesson for you. First, your bridesmaid duties start way before the wedding day. As a bridesmaid, you are the bride's support group. You can extend your help during the wedding preparations. Most grooms let their bride plan the whole wedding and even though it would be a great experience for her, it is accompanied with difficult days so here is where you come in. You can help the bride by choosing and finding suppliers for the decorations, wedding favors, invitations and other wedding aspects. You can be her liaison and communicate with everyone in behalf of her about the dress fitting, dress rehearsals, bridal shower, and other pre wedding activities. This would lessen the burden of the bride in communicating with her entourage.

Second, you can help the bride choose her wedding dress as well as the bridesmaid's dresses. You can buy your own dress that the bride chooses for you if in case the couple is short on the budget. Provide reasonable time when getting a dress in case you need some alterations or cuts. This would let the bride experience peace of mind especially when the wedding is coming up in a few days. She wants everything to be taken cared of before the big day.

Then during the big day itself, you can assist the bride with last minute preparations for her wedding dress and makeup. Make sure that the wedding entourage is up and about before walking down the aisle. In case there are some minor problems like dress alterations, you can just help her deal with it so the bride would not panic on her big day. You can also assist guests to their seats at the wedding reception. Most importantly, be happy and mingle with everyone all throughout the wedding.

Overall, you are the bride's support team. So make her day the most memorable and smooth sailing as possible since it's a great milestone for her life. Bridesmaid lesson ended. Go and be the greatest bridesmaid for your friend!

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