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Bridesmaid Blunders You Need to Avoid
Bridesmaid Blunders You Need to Avoid

Bridesmaid Blunders You Need to Avoid

When the wedding day is fast approaching, anyone who is about to be wed feels that the whole world revolve around their wedding. But not everything is about you. You need to be considerate of your bridesmaids as well since they are the one helping you. In relation to this, to avoid blunders and conflicts with your bridesmaids, here are some tips for you.

Do not be a Bridezilla

Yes we all know that preparing for a wedding is stressful but your bridesmaids are human beings as well. If things don't come according to your plan, yelling or finger pointing your bridesmaids is a mistake. They are doing the best that they can so do not blame them for things beyond human control.

Be Upfront about the Cost

If you ask your bridesmaids to pay their own dresses and accessories as well as travel expenses like gas, airfare, and many more, you need to calculate an estimate of the cost. If you choose a $500 dress for them, you need to inform them about the cost so that they would have ample time to prepare financially. Always remember that not all have the ability to buy everything you want for them on your wedding day. If in case they couldn't afford everything, then you can come up with a solution by sharing the cost or finding a cheaper alternative.

They Are the One Who Would Wear the Dress not You

Most brides forget that their bridesmaids are the ones wearing the dress and not them. Always choose a dress for your bridesmaids that they would look good in. Choose dress designs that would look good for everyone. If they have different body types, then you can ask them to choose dress styles that would complement their body and just be uniform when it comes to the color of the dress. Also, think of what dress colors would be best for all skin tones. Always remember that they are the ones that would be wearing the dress and not you.

Pick Bridesmaid Gifts That They Want

Most brides give gifts for their bridesmaids as a token of their appreciation for being a part of their wedding. In relation to this, get the gifts that your bridesmaids would want rather than what you want. It would be awkward to offer your bridesmaids dog figurines because you find them adorable when in fact they are a cat person. So make the gifts more about them and a less about you.

Avoid conflicts and mistakes when it comes to your bridesmaids during your wedding. They are there for you so let them know that you appreciate them dearly.

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