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Dressing Up your Bridesmaids for Wedding during the Fall Season
Dressing Up your Bridesmaids for Wedding during the Fall Season

Dressing Up your Bridesmaids for Wedding during the Fall Season

Fall is definitely a great season for weddings because the earth is golden and beautiful. You can have a wedding outdoors and take advantage of the golden earth as your wedding backdrop or have it indoors like in a chapel or a church where your guests could still wear something not thick and heavy. So if you are having a fall wedding theme, think of your bridesmaids as well. What is the best bridesmaid ensemble for fall?

Since fall seems dark and in rich hues, you can have your bridesmaids wear autumn colored clothes. If you want to hold your wedding outside, it would be great to get those dark, richer color schemes for your bridesmaid's dresses since they can match it up with the colors of nature. If in case you want to hold your wedding indoors, it would be better to get those vibrant bright colors to be in contrast with the pale or monotone colors of a chapel or a church. Some colors that would be ideal for the fall season weddings are earthy hues and rich jewel colors such as emerald green, sapphire blue, ruby red and many more.

Aside from the colors of your bridesmaid's gown, make it a point to choose specific fabric for your fall season inspired wedding. While light and sheer fabrics are best for summer weddings since these are warm and humid, fall is a different matter. Fall means that the air is starting to be cold in preparation for winter. So get fabric that are richer and thicker like satin or brocade. You do not want your bridesmaids to feel cold wearing their wedding dresses right?

If we think of fall, we know that the ground looks messy and muddy with all the rain and leaves falling. So if you are having an outdoor wedding, it would be impractical to make your bridesmaids wear long gowns since it may be stained or damaged in the ground. It would be better to have short or cocktail dresses so you won't worry about their gown's ends being dirty.

Now that you have chosen your bridesmaid's dresses, you can now purchase stunning bridesmaid's jewelries for them. Match or mix it up with the colors of your bridesmaid's dresses. You can get pearls or crystals from Swarovski or rhinestones to add glitters in your bridesmaid's wedding ensemble. Lastly, do not forget the shoes. Since the weather is a bit cooler during fall, you might ask your bridesmaids to wear closed toe shoes or pumps to prevent their feet being cold.

So make your bridesmaids shine forth with their fall season inspired wedding ensemble and purchase your jewelries from us today!

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