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How to be a Matron of Honor?
How to be a Matron of Honor?

How to be a Matron of Honor?

You had experienced to walk down the aisle before as the bride. Happiness always flooded your thoughts in the memory of your wedding. But now that you are chosen to be a Matron of Honor it would be a different experience for you. It is of real honor to be chosen as one because it makes you realize that you had made a great impact in the life of a friend or a relative. She has chosen you to be by her side in the most amazing day of her life. You have experienced to be married before. Now it is time to make another one's wedding spectacular. But how to be a great Matron of Honor? That is the big question.

Marital Status: Married

You cannot be called a Matron of Honor if you are not married. Matron of Honor is a title given for the leading attendant of the bride who is already married.

Time is Gold

Being the chosen Matron of Honor, you should have time for the bride. She will be demanding the most of your time up until the wedding is over. If there is something that needs to be done for her wedding, you should take the time to make it. It is pretty disappointing for the bride if you won't be able to come in time of her need. This is one important aspect of being a Matron of Honor.

Be Aware and Care

As the Matron of Honor, you should be one step ahead. Be aware of the things needed even before she asks for it. You have been there. You should know what are the things needed to be done in the wedding. Time is needed as mentioned but more importantly is your attention. There will be ups and downs during the wedding planning phase and the bride will need your care and attention.

An Open Wallet is Appreciated

As a Matron of Honor, you are in charge of paying for your dress as well as the bridal shower and some pre-wedding parties. So better ready your wallet for this.

Keep an Open Mind

We know you have been there, done that. But this is your friend's wedding. Be sure to keep an understanding mind on what she really wants for her wedding. Tell her if something is wrong with the choices she had made but if the bride has made up her mind, just understand and support her.

Remember you are not the Bride

Since your wedding was a huge success before doesn't mean that the bride should follow all of the steps you had taken. Help the bride on the details of the wedding that she wants not on what you want. Always remember that you are the Matron of Honor not the bride.

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