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How to Enjoy Being a Bridesmaid?
How to Enjoy Being a Bridesmaid?

How to Enjoy Being a Bridesmaid?

Your friend is getting married and she wants you to be her bridesmaid. As exciting as it may seem to be a bridesmaid entails a lot of responsibilities. Sometimes in the course of the pre-wedding preparations and the wedding day itself many disasters would eventually happen. The bride sometimes blows off the steam on you and became so cranky and demeaning. So when the task of being a bridesmaid tends to be tedious and stressful for you how can you enjoy being a bridesmaid? Here are some tips for you.

Who Doesn't Love Shopping?

When the bride wants to shop for her dress as well as her bridesmaids' dresses you can accompany her and have a girl bonding moment. What is the best girl bonding than shopping? You can go shop to shop and try on dresses and gowns that would be perfect for the both of you. Surely you will feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman trying on different gowns and dresses. It would be a fun day for you and your bride.

Trying on Different Hairstyles and Makeup

Another way of enjoying being a bridesmaid is checking on various hair and makeup styles that you and your bride might wear on the big day. Next to shopping, women love beauty salon bonding. You can set up a date with your bride to have a beauty makeover day before the wedding. It would be exciting to try on different hairstyles and makeup that would fit for the occasion. It is like being Barbie the whole day.

Be Ready for any Bridesmaid Disasters

Always be prepared for any mishaps that a bridesmaid may encounter before and during the wedding day. It would be best to have a hassle free bridesmaid duty for you to enjoy being a bridesmaid. It would be great if you have a "Bridesmaid Survival Kit" with you on the wedding day itself. You can put needles and threads, lipstick, comb, mirror, scissors and many more that would help you in case some dress mishaps happens.

Early Wedding Gift Shopping

It would be great if you shop your wedding gifts as early as possible. This would give you ample time to order or get a gift that you know your friend would really love. Days before the wedding might become hectic due to wedding rehearsals, final dress fittings or bridal parties so you might not have enough time to shop for your gift.

Being a bridesmaid might be stressful and tiring at times but at the end seeing your friend walk down the aisle towards her happily ever after would make it all worth the while. So have fun in the process!

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