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How to Make Your Bridesmaids Enjoy Your Wedding?
How to Make Your Bridesmaids Enjoy Your Wedding?

How to Make Your Bridesmaids Enjoy Your Wedding?

Every wedding has its own sets of dramas and mishaps. Some even create animosity towards the bride and her bridesmaids. Since preparing a wedding can be very stressful and tedious sometimes the bride became Bridezilla and the bridesmaids create huge dramas. So with all this wedding frenzy going on how can you make your bridesmaids enjoy your wedding?

A big way to make sure your bridesmaids enjoy your wedding is to have them wear dresses that look good on her. Some brides have their own vision of what her bridesmaids will wear on her wedding day. But sometimes the dress that she envisioned is not flattering to some bridesmaids. Yes, it is your wedding and you want it all about what you want but be considerate as well about your bridesmaids. It would be great if you talk to them and tell them about your dress design plan. If someone would say it would not be great on them you can all get a common ground. Remember that they too would walk down the aisle before you. How can they enjoy your special day if they do not look and feel great on your chosen dress?

Next, go shopping with them for their dresses. Shopping is a great girl bonding. So make sure to spend some time with them browsing on the racks of gowns in various shops to find the perfect dress for them. Also do consider to make them wear elegant but comfortable shoes so that they will enjoy the wedding. If in case you will marry in a beautiful beach in Hawaii, it would be uncomfortable if you let them wear high heels. You can make them wear flip flops which you can let them decorate with beads and crystals. It would be a fun day doing these with your bridesmaids as well.

Also, spend some quality time with your bridesmaids like a luncheon meeting where you check on them. Talking, planning and eating out with friends could be an enjoyable treat. Then take your bridesmaids out for a dinner or a trip to the spa or even a night out in town once in a while and not talk about the wedding at all. Some of your bridesmaids just want to have pure plain fun with you like you all used to do before all the wedding brouhaha.

But mostly how can a bridesmaid enjoy if she will max out her credit card or be buried in debt because of your wedding. If they have problems with their budget then offer to chip in on them or if your budget allows you pay everything.

Your bridesmaids are your best girls so treat them right for them to enjoy your wedding.

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