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Old World Fashion with a Modern Twist for your Bridesmaids
Old World Fashion with a Modern Twist for your Bridesmaids

Old World Fashion with a Modern Twist for your Bridesmaids

Going on a hunt for the best vintage gowns and accessories for your bridesmaids? It would be difficult if you do not have a clear idea on what you really want. There are countless vintage wedding ideas out there. The concept of having a vintage wedding is great since people go gaga over vintage stuff nowadays. But you need to know what vintage wedding concept you want before getting your credit card and wallets go wild in purchases. Do you want a Victorian style vintage wedding where gowns and wedding jewelries are full of intricate and rich designs? Or are you going for an old Hollywood kind of wedding where you can get Audrey Hepburn a run for her money? But if you do not want to be literal and have more unique touches with your vintage wedding theme, you can get that fashion concept of eras past and match it up with modern touches. It is like old meets new and very trendy on today's fashion scene.

So to start off, you can get a bridesmaid's gown that would accentuate her body in a vintage design. If you plan to wear a vintage white wedding gown, then have your bridesmaid's wear a vintage colored gown to add colors to your wedding. You can choose a vintage inspired full length gown with layered ruffles and design it with a modern twist by having a see through one shoulder top. Or you can select old Hollywood deep sweetheart neckline designs and make it modern by incorporating halter straps. You can also choose colors that are dark or vivid for a more vintage feel. You may even select colors like deep plum, dark pacific blue, Bermuda blue, carnation, dark red, old rose and many more.

Then for your bridesmaid jewelry sets, you can have intricate necklace and earrings to match their vintage gowns. If you choose a lower V or deep sweetheart neckline, you can let your bridesmaids wear crystal necklaces with amazing centerpieces to highlight more their neckline. Then partner it with beautiful crystal earrings. But if you choose a pleated boat neckline, you can also include a majestic pearl choker to have that Breakfast at Tiffany's fashion flair. To add a grand vintage vibe instead of putting flowers in your bridesmaid's hair, you can opt to have them wear a very beautiful side hat. Amazing isn't it?

Marry in style. Make your bridesmaids walk down the aisle looking great in their old glamour meets modern flair ensemble!

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