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Picking the Perfect Bridesmaid
Picking the Perfect Bridesmaid

Picking the Perfect Bridesmaid

Planning about whom to choose for your bridesmaids is not that easy task for a bride. Usually, most brides are pressured to get all of her female friends and family to walk down the aisle with her on her most special day. So how do you choose your bridesmaids? Here are some tips.

Quality is better than Quantity

Always look for your friends or family members that you know would perform their bridesmaid duties and at the same time won't be difficult to get along with during the wedding preparation. More is definitely not merrier when it comes to bridesmaids. The more bridesmaids you choose, the greater the potential problems you would encounter. It would be challenging to match all their schedules for dress fittings and rehearsals if you have numerous bridesmaids. So choose only the women in your life that you know will commit to their bridesmaid duties.

Family vs. Friends

Yes we know sometimes you are pressured to get more women within your family because your parents said so. But it is your day and not theirs so choose all the girls you want to be on your side as your bridesmaids. You can choose between your sisters, cousins and friends. So do not be pressured to get family members only. Choose women you feel comfortable with whether it is your friends or family members.

Obliged to Return the Favor?

If you have been picked as a bridesmaid for someone else's wedding, you do not have to return the invitation. You do not need to feel obligated to get an officemate to be your bridesmaid because she made you hers before. If they had you in theirs in don't automatically mean you must have her in yours. Always remember that women who should be walking down your aisle are the women you want and not the ones that you are obligated to select.

Consider Your Bridesmaid's Situation

Your bridesmaid's lifestyle and present situation are a big factor when choosing your bridesmaids. So always make it a point to consider this factor first. It would be difficult to get your sister or your friend to balance two jobs and a baby and help you with wedding preparations. If they couldn't squeeze in a phone call with you, what more when performing bridesmaid duties including dress fittings and rehearsals. Thus, you should ask them if they are willing and actually have the time to spare for you. In case they turn you down, do not feel offended. They can still support you through other ways anyway.

Bridesmaids will assume important roles in a wedding so choose wisely.

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