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Prepare your Bridesmaids for your Beach Getaway Wedding
Prepare your Bridesmaids for your Beach Getaway Wedding

Prepare your Bridesmaids for your Beach Getaway Wedding

A wedding is an event where two lovers are united as one. The loving couple vows to love each other for a lifetime. This ceremony is usually held in a church where they propose their eternal love in front of the altar. But through the course of time, the wedding culture has evolved. Couples are permitted to hold it anywhere they want.

A place outside of a church that is gaining popularity in terms of wedding venue today is the beach. Couples who love the ambiance of the beach prefer this place because the location is romantic and beautiful. The wedding will look really amazing whatever time of the day the magnificent event is held.

Yes, the beach is a wonderful place to host a wedding and all. But the real question is how you can make your bridesmaids fitted to walk down the aisle on a sandy beach?

Dress with the venue

As the place is non-traditional to hold a wedding, then traditionally worn bridesmaid dresses are adjusted as well. The most suggested color is light or pastel colors for it can go easily with the white sand, bright sunlight, and the amazing reflection of the sea. Avoid getting shiny fabric with several sparkling crystals and sequins to avoid being an eyesore as sunlight reflects on them. Also, avoid darker colors since it would feel heavy and too rich for the sunny beach weather. Wear something airy yet sexy like a shoulder-less dress or backless one. Be simple so it will be really comfortable for your bridesmaids. Cotton or silk will be the best for it permits air to flow easily when worn.

Do not give reasons to wear shades

Do not make your bridesmaids wear jewelries that are awfully shiny. One might look like a walking disco ball at the wedding if that is the case. Thus, it is best to wear wedding jewelries that do not reflect light such as pearls. Pearls are perfect because it is a beach wedding. It is ideal for this specific wedding theme and venue.

Footprints on the sand

No, we won't be advising everyone to be barefoot. Make them wear something comfortable. Sandals are preferred for this occasion. They are the best to wear on the beach and will still be a lovely pair with the dresses. Do not let your bridesmaids wear heels on the sandy aisle since it would be hard to walk on it.

So make your wedding in a sunny beautiful beach memorable to your bridesmaids. Make them showcase glamour and elegance as they witness your happily ever after in the sand.

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