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Should I Have a Matron of Honor?
Should I Have a Matron of Honor?

Should I Have a Matron of Honor?

Now that it comes to the point in your life that you want to settle down and get married you need to choose who will be a part of your dream wedding. Your wedding entourage is one of the key aspects in making your wedding a success. You tend to choose your closest friends and relatives to be your bridesmaids while you choose your best friend or your favorite sister to be the Maid of Honor. But not all of the special women in your life are single. What if your favorite sister or your best friend is married? Then you can make her your Matron of Honor.

Who is better to help you in planning your wedding than the person who already experienced it? Yes we are talking about a Matron of Honor. But the real question right now is "Are you required to have a Matron of Honor?" the answer is no. You are not required to have a Matron of Honor if there is none deserving of the title for you. If there is a close friend or relative that you feel that really deserves to be a Matron of Honor then you are certainly allowed to have one. In fact, you are not limited to only one. You can name multiple Matrons of Honor if it is really necessary. Also, you can have both a Matron of Honor and Maid of Honor in your wedding. It is all up to you.

Benefits of Having a Matron of Honor

As mentioned, having a Matron of Honor is an advantage if you are about to get married. She had experienced going through all the wedding planning herself. She also knows what are the things needed and what to expect at a wedding. Wisdom comes with age, as they say and age brings experience. It will be much easier to have a successful wedding with the big help of a Matron of Honor.

Downside of Having a Matron of Honor

Positive always comes with a negative. Having a Matron of Honor may be disadvantageous in some ways. Sometimes a Matron of Honor will develop an all-knowing attitude since she has experienced a wedding already. She might be very aggressive in the wedding planning and sometimes may act as if she is the bride again.

Having a Matron of Honor in your wedding is all up to you. If there is really a very special woman in your life that fits the criteria then have one. It would be amazing to see all of the special women in your life stood guard as you say your "I Do's."

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