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Sparkling Bridesmaid Jewelries to Glam up your Wedding
Sparkling Bridesmaid Jewelries to Glam up your Wedding

Sparkling Bridesmaid Jewelries to Glam up your Wedding

Bridesmaids should look beautiful in weddings. It is embarrassing for a bride to be escorted by bridesmaids who are lackluster. In relation to that, there are multiple ways for bridesmaids to look wonderful for a wedding. One, they can visit a parlor or a spa for a total pampering before the wedding. How about during the wedding day itself? Yes, bridesmaids' dresses go well with the theme. They are on the right fit for they are measured beforehand. But how can you take it to the next level? Simple, provide them with something shiny. What else is shinier than jewelries? The question will then be how do you pick the right jewelries? Do you just go for the shine or the design? In relation to that, here is a quick guide on how to choose the right jewelries for your bridesmaids.

Minimal is powerful

Wearing a lot of glimmers doesn't mean you are already elegant. That is not the case. A bridesmaid is suggested to wear one piece of jewelry that will stand out. It will be like trademark jewelry for her. It can be a bracelet, a necklace or a pair of earrings. This will lessen the cost of your wedding budget as well. So go get your bridesmaid something wonderful that will become her statement jewelry.

Right Piece at the Right Time

This will be depending on the overall look of a certain bridesmaid. If the bridesmaid will be sporting a shorter hair, you may want to provide her a pair of shiny earrings. If the chosen bridesmaid dress will have a low neckline, a glimmering necklace will complement the dress. Do not forget about the wedding theme or venue. If the wedding will be in a garden, choose a jewelry that has a floral design going well with the wedding theme. Provide pearl jewelries if you will be at a beach wedding. The bride and the bridesmaids should work together in this situation for the right jewelry to be bought according to what is planned.

Hearty Jewelries

Personalized jewelries like monogrammed bracelets or pendants are always a good idea. This is a unique choice if you are really close to your bridesmaids. They will proudly wear personalized jewelries during the wedding and it will be a wonderful sight to see. It might be not the shiniest of jewelries but it will be the most meaningful of all.

A wedding day is a day of glamour and sparkling elegance. So be sure to equip your bridesmaids with the appropriate jewelries they need for your wedding day.

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