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Things That You Should Never Do To Your Bridesmaid
Things That You Should Never Do To Your Bridesmaid

Things That You Should Never Do To Your Bridesmaid

The bride and her bridesmaids have shared most, if not all, experiences in life. Whether will it be the ups or the downs, they have managed to pull everything through. With all these experiences, there is a bond formed and will be stronger than ever now that another great experience is coming up. This is the wedding day. But over the course of planning the wedding, there will be situations that this connection will be put to the test again. It will be hard for sure because the bride and the bridesmaids will want a perfect wedding. Since the bride will have more of the final words, conflicts with the bridesmaids are inevitable. Here are some of the things that the bride must not do to her bridesmaids to avoid such unfortunate events.

I Don't Care What You Think

Well as a bride you must gather every little input your bridesmaids have to tell you. Get all the opinions of your bridesmaids before pushing through. For example, you want to have an out-of-town vacation with the bridesmaids. Some may think this is fun and let's do this. Some will think that this is impractical and just an added expense to her long list of bills. Be sure to ask them first for their agreement and not make them blind of all of your plans. They are your bridesmaids for a reason and they are entitled to know everything that is going on.

The Spotlight is on Me, not on You

Yes you are the bride but that doesn't mean you have to hog everything even outside your wedding matters. They still have their own affairs and if you keep on bringing up to them about your wedding, they might just give up on you. This is more annoying if you keep on talking about your wedding even in the wee hours of the night. Try not to make yourself the center of attention at all times. They too deserve some attention and try to ask them how they are feeling. Bring up conversations that don't concern your wedding as well.

If It Doesn't Look Good on Them, Don't

Do not try to make your bridesmaids wear something for your wedding that will not look good on them. It is like you're plotting a prank on them when you do this. Make your chosen bridesmaids try what you plan on making them wear. If one doesn't look good on a bridesmaid, try to adjust the attire. Make sure the dresses are of the perfect fit for them.

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