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Tips for Managing Your Out-of-Town Bridesmaids
Tips for Managing Your Out-of-Town Bridesmaids

Tips for Managing Your Out-of-Town Bridesmaids

When you go through life you meet people along the way that touches your heart. Some remain in the same zip code as you but some also would venture to different places but still you consider them as a special friend. And now that you are going to marry the love of your life you want everyone to be there for you. So if you get bridesmaids that are not in the same zip code or worst the same country as you, you need to know how to handle them.

The Power of Online Communication

Since they couldn't be physically there all the time it would be great if you communicate using email and social networking sites. You can also introduce your bridesmaid with each other by creating a social networking group where they can post shout outs as well as pictures. Always introduce all your bridesmaids as well as the Maid of Honor and Matron of Honor if you have one. You can make the group private so that you can control who can access the site. Make sure you post the email address of everyone so that they can communicate with each other from the dress up to the planning of the bridal shower and bachelorette party.

Dress Selection

It would be impossible as well as impractical to ask your out-of-town bridesmaids to go to your place for dress shopping. What you can do is that you can ask everyone to search online and you can provide them the web address of a great online dress shop. They can look at the site and collaborate with each other using email to get the dress they all want.

Much Ado about Deadlines

Always set up deadlines and timetables with your bridesmaids. This would mean having to give specific dates for ordering the dress, dress rehearsals, bridal shower, hen party and many more. This would make them have ample time to book a ticket and hold hotel reservations. If in case you have out-of-town bridesmaids it would be best to have your pre-wedding activities on the days near your wedding. This would save them money for not staying longer or flying back and forth.

Give them Information about the Wedding Venue

If in case your bridesmaid is from the sunny Hawaii and she will be flying over to your place which will be below the freezing point in time of your wedding then give her a heads up. You can give her direction to your wedding venue as well as different places where you will hold your bridal shower and many pre-wedding activities. Yes, she can find this information online but still making an effort to give her this would make her feel that you truly value her as your bridesmaid.

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