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Wedding and Friendship: How to Avoid Wedding Dramas with your Bridesmaids
Wedding and Friendship: How to Avoid Wedding Dramas with your Bridesmaids

Wedding and Friendship: How to Avoid Wedding Dramas with your Bridesmaids

When wanting to have the best women in your life standing with you on your happily ever after, most often during the entire wedding planning and preparations, you tend to be controlling and lose touch of your friendship with them. We all have this Bridezilla moment when things don't come our way during our wedding preparations. In the midst of all those wedding problems, sometimes we tend to be the controlling bride and let our bridesmaids take the heat from all of our stress and frustrations. So how can you not loose friendship over all those wedding dramas?

Be Sensitive not Hot Headed

Yes, you have those moments when things you want to happen during your wedding seem lost in translation. If your dress is not designed exactly the way you want it or your supplier backs out just weeks before your wedding, always remember that things like these do happen. Yelling at your bridesmaids when they were with you all throughout your wedding planning or being grumpy and dumping your frustrations over them is a big no no! Always have your stress level in check and know that your bridesmaids are not your punching bags for all your wedding woes.

Communicate but not overdoing it

We know that you want to check all your bridesmaid's details for your wedding. You want to know if they already bought the dress you ask them to wear or if they have their accessories and shoes to match it with. We all want our bridesmaids to look great during the wedding but sometimes over communicating are a nuisance on your bridesmaid's part. If you send them emails, text messages, or even Facebook messages countless times a day to check on them, it would make them feel you are pushy. Avoid all that drama by just communicating on a regular basis about wedding stuff. They know what they to do but constant checking everyday will make them feel bothered. Communicate with them sometimes and do not mention wedding stuff. Ask them how they were or what is new with their lives. Also, you can have regular girl get together and try not to have wedding talks all the time. Just have fun with your girls like you used to do before all the wedding brouhaha.

We all have those Bridezilla moments but always remember that your bridesmaids are your friends first and bridesmaids second. So avoid all those bride versus bridesmaid dramas and make your wedding a happy experience for you and your bridesmaids as well.

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