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What is Matron of Honor?
What is Matron of Honor?

What is Matron of Honor?

In the world of wedding designations and terms some people might have a hard time distinguishing the name as well as the role of each participant. One of this is the maid of honor versus the matron of honor. Sometimes people interchange the two while some doesn't even know the difference at all. So now that you are on the verge of getting hitched it would be nice to know all about Matron of Honor.

So what is Matron of Honor? Have you ever heard of this word before? Actually Matron of Honor is part of a wedding entourage wherein she serves as the chief attendant of the bride. This may seem the same with the role of the Maid of Honor right? Actually their role is the same. The difference between the Matron of Honor and the Maid of Honor is their marital status. Basically the difference between the two is that the maid of honor is single while the Matron of Honor is married. Both can be a close friend or relative of the bride. Matron of Honor can be included in a wedding if the bride's closest friend or relative is married.

But what is really the role of matron of honor? Matron of Honor is the brain of the bridal shower. She will plan and host all the activities included in the bridal party. Sending invitations, ordering food, games etc. These are all handled by the Matron of Honor. Of course she will still coordinate with the bride on all of her plans but most of the responsibilities and planning should still be handled by the Matron of Honor.

The role of the Matron of Honor does not stop at the bridal shower. She is also the head coordinator of the wedding rehearsals alongside the bride. She will help in choosing the venue, the seating arrangements of the guests and sending out wedding invitations. During the wedding, she is also supposed to be the first to react when the bride need something as well as when the bride needs comforting. The Matron of Honor is the one to take care of the bride's things up until the reception as well. The venue must be spotless and should be ready. This will be confirmed by the Matron of Honor. The Matron of Honor is really quite important because she is needed in every aspect of the wedding.

So having a Matron of Honor to your wedding could really make things easy for you. And besides they had experienced handling a wedding of their own in the past. They will surely know how it feels like to be a bride.

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