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2-be-unique::Bridal Jewelry::Tiaras & Headpieces::Floral Austrian Crystal Headband
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Floral Austrian Crystal Headband
Item # CR139-12

Floral Crystal Headband
Gorgeous open back crystal bridal headband or tiara - can be worn as either. Makes a great wedding hair accessories. All crystals are Austrian Crystals supplied by Swarovski.

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Author: franklina
hi Abena,
i found this head piece at www.2-be-unique.com and i think its simple and quite moderate. if you get something like this i think it will do.

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List Pirce:
6" - width, 3/4" - height


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  • Crystal Color
    crystal color
  • Color of Plating
  • Dimension
    6'' x 0.75''
  • Metal
    Mixed Alloy Metal
Floral Austrian Crystal Headband Floral Austrian Crystal Headband

When planning a great wedding look to sport on your own wedding day, remember that balance is the key in achieving a very elegant appearance. You need to first find a beautiful wedding gown that would both complement your body features as well as go with the theme of your wedding. Then afterwards, you need to get a stunning wedding jewelry set that would heighten up the beauty of your wedding gown. But to give an amazing sparkle on your lovely hairdo, you need to incorporate matching cheap wedding hair pins and combs.

You need to balance everything though. If you create a lot of sparkle on your wedding gown through a detailed beaded work, then find wedding necklace and earring sets with a more subtle shimmer. It would be awkward walking on an aisle like an 80s disco ball right? Instead, you can reserve the luster you withheld from your jewelry for weddings set to your wedding jewelry headband. It would surely emit the right sparkle that you need for your hair without overpowering the entire wedding look.

But as you rummage from one shop to another in search for a beautiful jewelry wedding headband, you will realize that the price seems to get you over board when it comes to your wedding budget. So is there such an affordable wedding jewelry headband that is still astounding amidst a low price tag?

Then this is where we come in. We truly value your happiness in the biggest milestone of your life. We want to make you the most beautiful bride with our Floral Austrian Crystal Headband. This wonderful cheap wedding jewelry headband is made from glittering Austrian crystals from the world renowned crystal maker Swarovski. This celebrated house of crystal mix luxury and elegance into high quality sparkling crystal jewels. So you can rest assured that this inexpensive wedding jewelry headband is amongst top of the line items and are made of high quality.

This wedding costume jewelry headband is inches in height and has a width of 6 inches. It would be perfect for any wedding hairstyles and hair color that you will sport on your wedding day. It offers a lasting glimmer on your hair all throughout the wedding ceremony but still is not big enough to overpower the entire wedding look. It would surely harmonize the sparkle from your wedding gown and your wedding jewelry sets for brides. The floral design of this reasonably priced wedding jewelry is also wonderful. It gives a youthful glow to your lovely hair. When you look at the wedding jewelry headpiece, you may think it is uncomfortable to wear because you need to carry it all throughout the event. But this type of wedding jewelry for bride headband will be a breeze for you since it is very lightweight.

So create a great balance on your wedding attire. Come and get our Floral Austrian Crystal Headband and you will tell your I Dos in a fashionable way.
21.99 18.99 CR139-12 Floral Austrian Crystal Headband Gorgeous open back crystal bridal headband or tiara - can be worn as either. Makes a great wedding hair accessories. All crystals are Austrian Crystals supplied by Swarovski. #CR139-12 - Floral Austrian Crystal Headband

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