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Reward Points Term of Use
1. Acknowledgment and acceptance of terms and conditions

By participating in 2-Be-Unique.com ("2-Be-Unique")'s Customs Rewards Program ("Program"), you are agreeing to comply with the Terms and Conditions ("Terms"). Your acceptance of "Terms" takes immediate effect from the time and date you participate in the "Program". If you object to any terms or conditions, you should immediately notify 2-Be-Unique by email and we will terminate your participation. 2-Be-Unique may alter the Terms from time to time without notice and it is your responsibility to monitor the Terms. All changes are effective from the date of posting the revised Terms in 2-Be-Unique.com.

2. 2-Be-Unique Customers Rewards Program ("PROGRAM")

2-Be-Unique Rewards Customers Rewards Program ("PROGRAM") is a customer rewards program offered by 2-Be-Unique, a division of Jeree Montier Fashion Inc. All 2-Be-Unique customers ("MEMBERS") are automatically enrolled in the PROGRAM.

3. Participation in the PROGRAM

  1. Once enrolled in the PROGRAM, MEMBERS are deemed to accept our terms and conditions.
  2. Each dollar of your purchase, net of any applicable sale discount, made at 2-Be-Unique, excluding the freight cost and any applicable taxes, rewarded with 25 “Reward Points".
  3. Every 360 “Reward Points” will have a dollar value.
  4. All “Reward Points” have no cash value and can only apply towards your next purchase with 2-Be-Unique. They are not exchangeable for cash.
  5. "Rewards Points" cannot be sold, assigned nor transferred.
  6. 2-Be-Unique will not be liable or responsible for any shipping costs and any applicable taxes, which may results from participation in the PROGRAM.
  7. Return is allowed within Seven business days ("THE VIEWING PERIOD") upon receipt of the merchandise. After THE VIEWING PERIOD, 2-Be-Unique considers the Rewards Transaction is completed and final. Please contact our customer service desk by email for a return authorization number. 2-Be-Unique will not be responsible for any freight expenses of the returning items to our Markham office.
  8. 2-Be-Unique reserves the right to cancel the PROGRAM at any time, by providing 30 days notice by email to the MEMBERS.
  9. MEMBERS acknowledge that 2-Be-Unique may, at its sole discretion, restrict, suspend or otherwise alter aspects of the PROGRAM at any time, by providing 30 days notice by email to the MEMBERS.
  10. In case of our customer failing to comply and agree with the Terms and Conditions of our PROGRAM, has the sole right to revoke all of his/her "Reward Points".

4. Redemption of "Reward Points"

MEMBERS can redeem their “Reward Points” upon their purchase at 2-Be-Unique at any time during the year 2009 and up to 60 days after the Termination. Rewards accounts will be adjusted automatically at the time of redemption.

5. Account Information

  1. PROGRAM accounts information will be available to our MEMBERS online. In case of merchandise returns, any points rewarded for the purchase will be deducted automatically from the MEMBERS’ Rewards Account.
  2. All 2-Be-Unique "Rewards Point" totals will be deemed correct unless otherwise substantiated by evidence satisfactory to 2-Be-Unique. Discrepancies must be addressed to our customer service by email within 1 month of the applicable purchase date.
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