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Choosing the best Bridesmaid Jewelry and Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets

Classic Wave Chain Bridesmaid Jewelry Necklace Set

Bridesmaids were traditionally unmarried women who made up the bridal party and attended to the bride on her wedding day. It was also customary for the bride to pay for the bridesmaid's attire, jewelry and travel in those days. Times have changed now and the modern bridesmaids often pay for their own dress and jewelry. However, it is a nice gesture to buy and gift the wedding jewelry for bridesmaids yourself.

A wedding, one of the most important moments of a woman's life! Whether the day is yours or a friend's, it will always be joyous occasion. Naturally, all eyes will be on the starlet of the night, the bride. A good bride, however, never neglects her bridesmaids. Bridesmaids play a very important role in a wedding. From setting the pre-ceremony stage, to tying the knot, to the toast and the final festivities, your bridesmaids will partake in all the planning and the decisions.

The bride usually likes to outshine everyone on her wedding day. Naturally, you are bound to wear the most expensive and gorgeous dress and jewelry you can afford. The bridesmaids on the other hand are dressed a few shades less bright, to compliment the wedding theme without taking the spotlight away from the bride. Consequently, the bridal party jewelry need not be as lavish or expensive as bridal jewelry.

Gone are the days when weddings when brides wore traditional white gowns. Today we have themed weddings in period clothes, in churches filled with pink flowers or even in black themes. Choosing your unique bridesmaid jewelry therefore becomes more and more complicated as well.

A popular choice among brides to show appreciation for their bridesmaids is to give bridesmaid jewelry as a gift. They are, after all, the ones who stand by her on her wedding day and who says this is an easy task? Luckily, there is nowadays a huge variety of bridesmaid jewelry and bridesmaid jewelry sets to choose from, from classic pearl necklaces to lavish rhinestones.

The first rule of choosing the right color and style of bridesmaid jewelry is to match it with the overall theme of the wedding. The bridesmaid jewelry is always more low key than the bride's. Generally, standard bridesmaid jewelry set contains a necklace, a pair of earrings and a bracelet each. Colors can be either complimentary or contrasting the bridesmaid's dress or overall theme colors. While it is fine to pick contemporary designs, keep in mind wedding jewelry should be elegant and with a touch of romance.

A necklace isn't always necessary. If your bridesmaid's dress has a high neckline then you can do away with it. As a rule, bridesmaid necklace should be shorter than the neckline or it won't be elegant. If the dress is simple, elegant gold or silver chain with pendant is very suitable. If you prefer something more ornamental, a string of pearls or a choker will go as well.

The earrings will rely heavily on your choice of necklace since they will have to complement the look and feel of the dominant piece. If the bridesmaid's dress has a high neckline that makes it unnecessary to purchase a necklace, then a stud earring should be fine. For dresses with plunging neckline or off shoulder designs, danglers that match the necklace will look better.

Bracelet is perhaps the only bridesmaid jewelry that can be loud and chunky. Worn either over glove or on the bare wrist, it can be stone settings on silver or gold, pearl strings or even costume jewelry. Apart from these three, a brooch can also be a part of bridesmaid jewelry set.

Pearl & Crystal Bridal Necklace

When choosing the right bridesmaid jewelry, budget need also be kept in mind. Your choice of jewelry can be bridesmaid pearl earrings, bridesmaid pearl necklace, or bridesmaid jewelry sets, which come complete with matching earrings and necklace. The list of options is endless. Plan bridesmaid jewelry at least four months in advance. Since each bridesmaid may have a different personality and style, you may also consider choosing a unique style of bridesmaid jewelry to reflect each individual bridesmaid.

How to choose the bridesmaid jewelry to meet your wedding needs? Consider your wedding theme, your wedding colors and the formality of the occasion. Other facts to take into account when choosing the right bridesmaid jewelry is the color of gemstone. Popular types are crystal, pearl and rhinestone. For neutral coloring, clear crystal bridesmaid jewelry sets are both modern and fashionable, and are a bridesmaid favorite. If you have a colored wedding theme, colorful rhinestone bridesmaid jewelry or colorful pearl bridesmaid jewelry are also a great choice.

No matter whether your choice are the bridesmaid earrings, just the necklace, or a bridesmaid jewelry set, we offer you a great selection of styles and color combinations that are sure meet you wedding needs.

Whether you want to buy expensive or inexpensive bridesmaid jewelry depends on your budget and personal choice. Gold bridesmaid jewelry and silver bridesmaid jewelry are both permitted for the occasion as long as they are not too expensive. Pearl bridesmaid jewelry is a good balance between expensive and inexpensive bridesmaid jewelry.

However, with the wedding itself costing a lot, many you may prudently choose to go for more affordable options such as crystal bridesmaid jewelry and costume jewelry. Buy your bridesmaid jewelry sets from one designer to save money and time. Buying in bulk from one jeweler may fetch you some discount on bridesmaid jewelry. The jeweler will also gift pack it for no extra cost on bulk orders. If you are on a tight budget, look online for cheap bridesmaid jewelry online sellers often offer discount bridesmaid jewelry when bought in bulk.

Before finalizing any order on bridal jewelry, it is better to consult with the bridesmaids. Women are choosy about what they wear. The bridesmaids might have their own preference on whether they want a dangler or a stud earring or if the necklaces should be longer or shorter etc. Inviting the bridesmaids to come for a trial at the designers or emailing the picture of the jewelry to your bridesmaids is the best way to finalize your choice of bridesmaid jewelry.

Bridal jewelry and bridesmaid jewelry both play very important parts on your wedding day. If you have more question about choosing the best wedding jewelry for you or your bridesmaids, please don't be hesitate to E-mail us at info@2-be-unique.com or to contact us at 1-800-720-4124. Our goal is to make your wedding uniquely yours.

Bridal Jewelry

Bridal Jewelry | Crystal Leaflet and Pearl Set

A bride's outfit is never complete without her jewelry! Browse through our affordable bridal jewelry collection to find the pieces that will perfectly complement your dress. Our collection is sure to impress you. Whether you are the bride, the bridesmaid, or just anyone in the bridal party, our elegantly designed bridal jewelry will make you shine.

Bridesmaid Jewelry

Bridesmaid Jewelry | Glass Pearl Illusion Necklace

Shopping for your bridesmaid jewelry? You are at the right place. Our bridesmaid collection features the latest styles in fashion. Our bridesmaid pearl jewelry, bridesmaid crystal jewelry, bridesmaid illusion jewelry, bridesmaid pearl and crystal jewelry and colored pearl jewelry sets showcase all colors and styles, from bright and vibrant crystal on silver necklaces to dark and elegance on illusion style. Be sure to head to our bridesmaid rhinestone jewelry sets for a flare of glamour.

Tiaras and Headpieces

Floral Crystal Headband with White Pearls

Looking to go one step beyond? Look no further than our collection of tiaras and headpieces. Whether you prefer rhinestone tiaras or crystal combs, or even if the search is for a flower girl tiara, any item from our collection is sure to make the wearer feels like royalty on her special day.

Flower Girl Jewelry

Flower Girl Illusion Necklace

Flower girls, they add joyous moment to your wedding ceremony. They are beautiful, sweet and innocent! Dress them up with our dainty flower girl jewelry sets, ornate with colorful pearls and crystals. Jewelry that they will cherish for years to come.

Wedding Themes

Wedding Theme Idea | Enchanting Dragonfly collection

Want more ideas for your wedding planning? We are proud to present you our wedding theme ideas. Browse through our popular wedding themes for our unique wedding accessories, specially designed for many popular wedding themes like calla lily wedding, garden wedding, destination wedding, dragonfly wedding and much more….

Mothers of the Bride and Groom

Bridal Pearl Necklace with Crystals

They are the very important persons on your wedding day. Let our exquisite pearl and crystal jewelry adds that finishing touch to their gowns and make them proud.

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